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[Others]- Rajnish []在2019-03-06 21:54 说
I m looking to know about Dc electronics load tester. If u have pls give me details by email.....
[Complaint]- Samion[]在2018-12-18 18:58 说:Tester
Hi We are bought dc load JT6318A (SN6318A1841102), but user manual and application in Chinese. I'm stuck because can't install application and not can't test devices. Ask urgently send me application by English languages. BR Samion
[Consultation]- Anonymous[]在2018-10-24 12:17 说:How to set this to check charger input output and max. Min. Voltage and current
How to set this machine to check charger voltage current
[Others]- Samion[]在2017-12-05 19:58 说:Mr
Hi I'm interesed in price and datasheet of JT6318A DC Electronics Load BR Samion
[Complaint]- Bengt Forsberg[]在2016-10-27 19:34 说:Manager
It looks to me that Jartul don't want Ferner Elektronik to sale your products. Sorry. We can't wait to get answer that long time. If we have not heard from you by tomorrow we understand that your interest for a cooperation with us is equal with zero.
[Consultation]- Bengt Forsberg[]在2016-10-26 22:35 说:JT6322A question
We are now nearly finish with our new home page. We have faced out Itech and have announced in the Swedish electronic magazine that we are working with Jartul Electronic Loads. Still our old homepage is working but it will soon disappear. Now to our customer question In the datasheet there are two voltage and current range. 15V70-24A and 0-150V/0-240A. Is there two range that automatic switch to the higher range when passing 15V? Or do jo select it with a switch. What happen if the current is higher than 24A, will the load automatic change to the higher range for current? In the first mode up to 15V what is the maximum current? Is that limit to 24A? If they select the test in range 0-15V and then put 25-30V, what will happen? What will the instrument show or do? Last question is if they put in a 24V signal what is the maximal current? If I have understand it correct the maximum current is 50A to be in the limit of 1200W. Can you support us with a manual for JT6322A. If it’s possible we would like to have pictures in JPEG format. We have taken pictures from your data sheet, but they are not that good if you make them larger. We have looked into your home page and found all the pictures are in PDF. Hope you can give us an answer when you start to work. Best regards Bengt Forsberg Ferner Elektronik AB Sweden
[Complaint]- kasamas[]在2016-06-14 20:53 说:Q-Labor manager
we had recived one messequipment with two JT6310A CD apliance, can we have a CE-confirmation for this regardes Kasamas
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