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How to choose electronic loads?

1Make sure that the rated input voltage/ current / power of the select models not only can satisfy the test requirements, but also is a slightly higher than the test requirements.

2If the dynamic test is required to be made, please make sure that the current slew rate is programmable and confirm the resolution of the current slew rate. The controlled frequency of the JT63 series electronic load slew rate is 500Khz.

3If  you have a higher requirements to the dynamic test, please confirm whether the maximum current slew rate meets the test requirements. For the same series electronic loads, the maximum current slew rate is proportional to the rated current and the full range current minimum rising time is fixed, so the shorter the full range current rising time is, the better the dynamic performance is. JT63 series electronic load full range current rising time is 10uS.

     Max. Current slew rate=Rated current/ Full range current rising time   

4If the test environment is relatively bad, please choose the electronic load with a high loop bandwidth. In general, the shorter the full range current rising time (Min Rise Time) is, the higher the loop bandwidth is, the better the performance is in bad condition (the input rejection ration of the power supply is higher), the higher the reliability is.

5) If users have a higher requirement to the intelligent application and automatic test of the electronic load, please choose the electronic load with a high sampling frequency. The high sampling frequency can ensure the restoration of the input signal and the accuracy of the servo application, providing a solid condition for the expansion of the intelligent application. JT63 series electronic load, with 500kHz synchronous sampling, can measure peak to peak ripple/ RMS, transient overshoot Vp+, transient drop Vp-, the rising time and falling time of the power supply, etc.  

6) For production line application, the systmaticness and convenience of the automatic test should take the priority in consideration. The small angle LCD display screen is not preferable. JT63 series electronic load is with powerful automatic test and supports dynamic operation, OCP test, load effect, timing measurement, etc. Besides, high-luminance & full view graphic dot matrix screen of JT63 series electronic load is also very suitable for production line application.